Consultancy & Technical Audits

1.       Maintenance Management

On paper, Maintenance Management should be working smoothly if the following are present: top management support, maintenance leadership, effective supervision, competent technicians and helpers, necessary tools & equipment, adequate spares and materials, well-detailed system of work, checklists & procedures, etc.  In practice, however, failings in these areas are not rare.  Fortunately, it is possible to improve maintenance performance through consultancy.

  Maintenance management

2.       Energy Management

For an island which relies on imported energy resources, it is only a matter of time for energy cost to rise sharply, and unless initiatives are taken to reduce energy consumption and

to find innovative solutions to become more energy efficient, competitiveness and reliability will take a severe blow.

  Energy Management

3.       Mechanical & Electrical Services

Degradation of machinery performance and lack of low-cost performance monitoring seriously affect optimum performance – thus affecting competitiveness and efficiency.  There are numerous ways of improving plant performance through retrofitting and low-cost automation.

  Mechanical Electrical

4.       Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Drills

In these difficult times, a serious fire incident may well lead to the closure of an enterprise.  Yet, fire prevention is given little attention, firefighting skills are limited and fire drills are done in a very amateurish manner.  It is high time to have your overall fire prevention arrangement to be critically reviewed.

  Fire Prevention

5.       Electrical Safety

Electrical faults are responsible for more than 66% of all fire incidents, and for reduced machine performance.  Yet, there are effective ways to locate faults in an electrical installation and safety rectify them before any incident happens.

  Electrical Safety

6.       Project Management

Many projects including maintenance, erection or repair activities can be satisfactorily completed in much lesser time by proper and intelligent planning, making possible considerable savings and increased productivity.

  Project Management

7.       Multi-skilling

With relatively little investment in appropriate training, it is quite possible to impart new skills to technicians to make them multi-skilled, thus, adding flexibility in the maintenance and repair team with savings in cost and time.  Likewise, it is also possible to upgrade the practical skills of assistance technicians and helpers so that they can be more helpful.

  Multi Skilling

8.       Health and Safety

Losses due to poor health and safety management are most often grossly underestimated, undermining the overall performance of the organization.  A prudent approach would be not to hesitate to have independent opinions on how well your organization is doing in the field of health & safety and do something to improve things.

  Health Safety

9.       Risk Assessment of Various Risks

A proper risk assessment is the single most important measure an employer can take to bring down risks to an acceptable level.  Yet, many organizations have yet to undertake such assessments, and the risk assessments which many have already carried our will not pass the “suitable and sufficient” criteria when scrutinized in court.  There is therefore need to upgrade your risk assessments through independent reviews.

  Risk Assessment

10.       Training Needs Analysis

To be able to carry out a Training Needs Analysis for technicians, it is a must to have a strong proven technical background in order to prioritize the needs.  Our long years of active experience may thus be helpful in this exercise.

  Training Needs